Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Walking Dead: Season 2 on Break

As promised, the creators of The Walking Dead tv series have brought back a longer second season with thirteen [13] episodes  after a successful first with only six [6].

Just like all zombie fans out there, I’ve watched each and every episode with another zombie enthusiast, Bebe.  Like Season 1, The Walking Dead’s Season 2 is filled with surprises, drama, twists and a whole lot of zombie coolness.

A frame from The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7Pretty Much Dead Already” that finally puts an end to their search for the lost girl, Sophia --- the moment which leaves its viewers in “What?” and “Oh” modes.  Perhaps, it’s time for the group to leave [finally!] Dr. Hershel Greene and family and move on to another place.  I am guessing, Nebraska?
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As Season 2’s pilot episode “What Lies Ahead” has been aired on the 16th of October so comes the announcement after episode 7 that the gang will be on [I should say] quite a long BREAK  and will RETURN on February 12, 2012 to wow us again with the season’s remaining six [6] episodes.

Oh my!  So how’s everybody doing?  Have you seen everything already or have you missed quite a few?  You have a couple of months to cope up before the zombies come back on … The Walking Dead!  Yah bettah watch out, yah bettah not cry because the zombies are coming to town!

F.Y.I. --- If you’re curious [like me], The Walking Dead: Season 3 is scheduled to be released on October 2012.  So do not worry, it seems like this awesome tv show will stay for a long time --- thank goodness!

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