Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Movie: A Little Thing Called Love

Though almost two years late, I managed to watch A Little Thing Called Love [original air date: 12 August 2010] with my friends last Saturday.  It was a great fun-filled night!

Photo credit: ABS-CBN Productions

A Little Thing Called Love a.k.a. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love a.k.a First Love [original title: Sing lek lek tee reak wa rak] is a Thai romantic comedy film that does not fail to make everyone smile and giggle inside.  The plot is not complicated with storylines and events that I am sure all of us can relate to.  This movie lacks huge surprises and twists which, ironic as it may be, is the film’s excellent strength.  A Little Thing Called Love is brilliant and cute no matter how simple the plot is.

A Little Thing Called Love’s plot revolves around the little world of teenagers Nam [Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon] and Shone [Mario Maurer].  Nam is an ordinary girl with unappealing looks who has been secretly in love with her popular schoolmate, Shone.  Due to a number of school events [receives the Snow White role in a school play and a drum leader of the school’s marching band] the ugly duckling slowly turns into a fine princess.  Shone’s best friend, Top [Acharanat Ariyaritwikol] falls in love with Nam and makes Shone promise to never compete against him for Nam’s love.  Loyal to his friend, Shone keeps his word.  Years pass by, Nam becomes a huge fashion designer in New York while Shone remains in Thailand and is into arts and photography.  The two meet again in a tv talkshow.  They reunite and well… they live happily ever after.

YouTube video on Nam’s confession:

If you still haven’t seen A Little Thing Called Love, you’re missing something big!  Watch it and fall in love over and over again. Red heart

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  1. I watched this movie, the two teens are cute. They reminded me of my favorites, Kim & Gerald. LOL.


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