Friday, 6 January 2012

TV: White Van Man Season 2

Did you miss Ollie [Will Mellor] and his irritating but ever funny sidekick, Darren [Joel Fry]?  If you did, good news!   White Van Man is said to release its second season!  Original air date has not been officially announced yet by BBC Three but there’s this rumor about the show hitting UK tellies sometime in February.

Season 1 has been awesome and I just can’t wait to see White Man Van Season 2!  I wonder… has Tony [Ollie’s dad] been rushed to the hospital to join the show’s season 2 [If you’ve seen season 1’s final ep’, you’ll get what I mean]?  I really hope so!  I kinda like dad Curry, yah know!

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Just like season 1, it seems like White Van Man Series 2 will also bring us six funny lovely episodes beginning with “Generosity” as its pilot ep’.

Have a fantastic night everyone!


  1. ive watched all the episodes and loved the show so excited for the new season, but i have one question which is a little odd to ask, but the advert on the tv has a song on it that i would like to know the name of could somebody help me with what its name is

  2. 'willy moon - she loves me' is the song


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