Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wow-ful Baby Shower and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations by RockPaperScissors Design

Are you planning on throwing a posh [or not] baby shower anytime soon?  A baby is a blessing and expecting is a special moment so why not make birth announcements extra special with wow-ful baby shower invitations?  You know you deserve it! 

If you have something special in mind, the expert people at RockPaperScissors Design can help you put that thought into a smashing work of art.  Make your family and friends feel how important it is for you to celebrate your becoming-a-mom moment with them by sending out personalized invites.  After all, this does not happen everyday so go for the most amazing invitation you can think of!  Get weird and wild if you want but be sure to keep it cute!

Photo credit: RockPaperScissors Design

If you are looking for Bar and/or Bat Mitzvah invitations, RockPaperScissors Design have gorgeous ideas for you to choose from.  Go ahead and see some of their examples and from there, get your imagination working!  The sky is the limit so be creative and be different!

Here’s my favorite turning 13 invitation… brilliant, isn’t it?

Photo credit: RockPaperScissors Design

So, any event coming up?  Birthday, christening, bridal shower, bachelor party, wedding --- at RockPaperScissors Design will make it happen!

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