Monday, 20 February 2012

Clipix - Clip, ReClip and Share!

I've been clipping more lately.  With the very cold weather outside, I have no desire to go out.  I'd rather come home straight from school and internship.  The apartment's warm and cozy.  With a cup of hot coffee, an internet connection and my desktop, boredom's nowhere to be found.  I blog and check online fashion shops --- enough to keep my day better.

Speaking of e-fashion shops, clipix has helped me organize my online wish lists.  It's handy and very easy to use.  Whenever I find something interesting, pretty and cute on the internet, I simply hit the Clip button on my bookmarks bar, create a new or select a clipboard and done!  I can even share my finds with my Facebook and Twitter friends or just e-mail them my clips.  Although one can choose to keep clipboards private, I have chosen not to.  After all, my boards are my wish lists.  Why keep them to myself?  

As of now, my favorite clipboards are Shoe-shi and EyeBags.  Cool, huh?

Want to know more great Clipix info?  There's no limit!  Create as many clipboards you want.  Name, rename, rearrange, delete and edit your Clipix items anytime you want.  The sky's the limit!

And oh!  I've heard that there's a Clipix iPhone App.  That's something I will be installing on my mobile phone in awhile.  It's Clipping-on-the-go!

How about you?  Are you already one of us?  How long have you been Clipping?  How's the experience so far?

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