Friday, 10 February 2012

Clipix - Organizing Your E-life With Just One Clip!

Managing four blogs is not an easy peasy task.  For four years, I've experienced my ups and downs and have even at some point thought of leaving the blogosphere.  Yet, here I am blogging continuously day in day out.  Blogging has become my passion and my blogs my treasures.  Well I guess I won't be exiting the blogosphere anytime soon!

In order to make sure that my blogs get the exposure they deserve, I've become a member of a number of social media groups, several blogging communities and minutes ago have signed up for Clipix.

clipix is an online tool where members can save and organize anything they find interesting over the internet in just one place.  Create your clipboards, name and rename them and rearrange your boards to suit your preference.  Organize your clips by category, save and share them!  Feel free to share your clipboards with your friends, with everyone or get the option to keep them private.  All these and more at no extra cost!  Want to know more?  Here's a short clipix YouTube vid' for you:

So far, I have created seven clipboards and my favorite is ta-dah... For the Love of Food!  Oh yum!

How does Clipix help bloggers like me?  Simple.  Whenever a certain photo from one of my blog posts get clipped, reclipped, shared on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail, my blog gets proper credits.  When someone finds your clipped pics interesting and clicks on them, they get redirected to your blog post.  That's free linky love, free blog exposure!  Absolutely amazing!

Have you tried Clipix already?  If you haven't yet, go give it a chance!  Sign up for free and start organizing your e-life with just one clip!

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1 comment:

  1. if it has credits to our blogs, this will be way better that pinterest then ^_^

    will check it out in a bit, thanks for sharing ^_^


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