Sunday, 12 February 2012

Is Keanu Reeves Dead? Answer: NO!

Rumors regarding Keanu Reeves death early today, 12 February 2012 have been spreading over the internet.

keanureevesThe rumor is FALSE!  If The Matrix actor is really dead, I am pretty sure that there’ll be news all over Yahoo!, Google News, Wikipedia and IMDB already but nope, there’s none. is the website responsible for this fake news which according to the site is “the home of Fake A Wish the celebrity hoax generator” --- totally UNCOOL!

Get this, the same site tells two very different stories.  One claims that Reeves has died in a snowboard accident in Switzerland while the other story says that Reeves has passed away after falling  more than 60 feet off a cliff in New Zealand.  Yup, same site, different versions --- both LIES.


Note: Global Associated News is just the title and header the site is using but it’s fake… it’s only so the site would look credible.  Really rude, isn’t it?  Sick people with nothing good to do!  Urggh!

So, worry NOT.  Keanu Reeves is alive and we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future for sure!

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  1. Wow, another death hoax? There was one last week that circulated all around about Eddie Murphy that was FALSE. Death isn't a joke, but to some people it must be. It's pathetic how much this has happened recently with celebrities.

    BTW, glad I could visit and comment again!


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