Saturday, 18 February 2012

Movie: Segunda Mano [2011]

Yesterday afternoon, I had the chance to watch one of The 37th MMFF [Metro Manila Film Festival] entries, Segunda Mano [Secondhand/Pre-owned].   To be honest, it was kind of a disappointment to watch.

Segunda Mano stars Kris Aquino, Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Jhong Hilario, Bangs Garcia and more.  Having seen all of Kris’ horror movies [Dalaw, Sukob and Feng shui] I have been really looking forward to checking this movie out with high hopes.  I mean, with a box office gross figure of Php 126,630,979 [as of 7 January 2012] and a convincing movie trailer [watch it below], this one is surely a thumbs up [at least, I thought].

Photo credit: ABS-CBN Corporation

Segunda Mano: The Trailer:

Without a doubt, the casts have given it their all.  Acting’s good but the plot’s lacking the X factor every viewer is looking for.  The first half of the movie is like a bitter pill to swallow.  I’ve almost given up, ready to hit the stop button and totally forget about it.  Surprisingly, boredom gets me going.  The last twenty minutes of Segunda Mano has given justice to the movie.  I mean, although I have already figured out the whole plot [it’s such a giveaway from the start] I have to admit that the last minutes have been good.

Will Kris be doing another horror film this year?  If she will, I’ll still watch it.  Hopefully, her next project’s going to be way better than Segunda Mano.

How about you?  Have you watched Segunda Mano?  What are your thoughts?  Like it or not?

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