Sunday, 19 February 2012

TV: The Amazing Race 20. Up Tonight!

Boyfriend and I are two The Amazing Race [TAR] fanatics.  We’ve seen all seasons [1-19], each and every episode, sometimes more than twice.  How about The Amazing Race Asia [seasons 1-4] and The Amazing Race Australia?  All followed!  We’re hoping to watch TAR Brazil, Israel, Latin America, China and Norway later if we find copies in English [or subs at least].


We both are excited for The Amazing Race 20 to begin.  Episode 1 is scheduled to air tonight, 19 February.

Meet the teams:



Dave & Rachel Married
Mark & Bopper Best Friends
Nary & Jamie Federal Agents/Friends
Brendon & Rachel Engaged
Joey & Danny Friends
Misa & Maiya Sisters
Dave & Cherie Married Clowns
Elliott & Andrew Twins
Kerri & Stacy Cousins
Vanessa & Ralph Dating Divorcees
Art & J.J. Border Patrol Agents/Friends

The Amazing Race 20: Meet the teams YouTube Video:

Which team is your bet?  Can’t wait!  Woo hoo!

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  1. Who has the local, free TV broadcast rights to TAR? I know Studio 23 carried the first several seasons, but they don't seem to be doing it now. Does TV5 have it, since they're also producing a local (hopefully regional) variant? And will they get one of the boys (Marc N. or Rovilson F.) to host?


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