Monday, 20 February 2012

TV: The Amazing Race Philippines [TARP] in 2012

People of the Philippines, have you heard the good news?  I’ve recently learned that the first season of The Amazing Race [TAR] Philippines is due to air anytime this year.  All thanks to TV5 who’s purchased the rights to produce the reality show.

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Yesterday, 19 February, the pilot episode of the American TAR Season 20 premiered in the US.  I still haven’t watched it but Bebe and I will check it out tonight.  Exciting!

So anyway, I am not sure if the network has already chosen the teams for The Amazing Race Philippines but hopefully, the application is still running, if not, it hasn’t even started yet.  As of the moment, only TV5 has the details regarding casting process, requirements and prizes.  If interested, better squeeze information from the network or wait for further announcements.

The Amazing Race Philippines Teaser:

How about you?  Will you be sending in your photos and videos for TARP’s casting call?


  1. I am waiting for them, Amazing Race is so entertaining.

  2. yeah I love TV5 they are trying to come out of the box and reaching international audience

  3. ABC 5 is just getting better and better with their programmings and even getting more big big stars!

  4. ABC 5? Really? Ang yaman ni MVP talaga, after David Archuleta, Amazing Race, waht's next? Yay...


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