Friday, 17 February 2012

TV: Survivor: One World

In the 24th season of the famous reality tv show, Survivor: One World, castaways [and well, viewers] are faced with twists and surprises.  The season’s pilot episode was aired on Wednesday, 15 February 2012.

Surprises and Twists --- because in Survivor, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get:

1.]  Castaways are split into two tribes by gender.  Just like in Survivor: The Amazon, Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Panama, Survivor: One World begins with all-female vs. all-male episodes.

The All-Female Salani Tribe
Members: Kourtney Moon, Nina Acosta, Christina Cha, Monica Culpepper, Kat Edorsson, Chelsea Meissner, Alicia Rosa, Kim Spradlin, Sabrina Thompson

The All-Male Manono Tribe
Members: Jay Bryars, Colton Cumbie, Michael Jefferson, Leif Manson, Jonas Otsuji, Bill Posley, Matt Quinlan, Troy Robertson, Greg Smith
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2.]  Tribes settle in the same camp together.  Uh, oh!  Trouble?  You bet!

3.]  There will be two hidden immunity idols, one specific idol per tribe.  Finding an idol which is meant for the other tribe?  Well, the person who finds it has to hand it to one of the other tribe’s members before the next Tribal Council.

4.]  There will be a number of challenges even in the absence of Jeff Probst.

If  you haven’t seen Survivor: One World’s first episode, go watch it!


  1. Wow what channel is this on and what time? Thanks for the update! :)

    1. It's on American CBS. Pilot episode was aired on the 15th of Feb. :)


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