Tuesday, 7 February 2012

TV: The Walking Dead Season 2 Returns on 12 February

Finally.  Finally. Finally.  After the long The Walking Dead Season 2 break comes the much awaited continuation of the season as Rick and friends return on 12 February [Sunday, 9PM EST] to keep fighting zombies for survival on Season 2 Episode 8 entitled “Nebraska”.

Episode 7’s “Pretty Much Dead Already” --- finding out the sad truth that Carol’s daughter, Sophia, has become one of the walkers.
Photo credit: IMDB.com

After the tragic ending of episode 7, is it time for the gang to leave Dr. Hershel Greene and family and try their luck in Nebraska?  All that we can do for now is to sit back, relax and wait for 12 February to come.  As of the moment, here’s a YouTube video of the first 3 minutes of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 8:

The long wait is almost finally over!  Oh yeah!  Zombies…  here they come!

There will be five [5] more episodes after episode 8 [a total of 13] and The Walking Dead Season 3 is rumored to air on 01 October 2012.  There will be many more zombie nights for zombie fanatics!  Brilliant!  So fasten your seatbelts everyone for the crazy zombie ride!

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