Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Work and All: Future Plans. Thinking Back.

Two days ago, my buddies and I were having a light conversation about our future plans.  The common factor we all had was to land on a job right after finishing culinary school, save for a few years and in the long run, find ourselves managing our own food place if possible.  Why not?  Always dream huge, right?

The busy people in the kitchen!
Funny.  Talking about the future makes me step back in time.  My first job as a hospital pharmacist for two years has helped me realized how difficult it is to work to survive.  Up to this moment, I still keep my first employee ID card as a keepsake.

The hospital I was working for did not have their own plastic card printers and that’s something I am certain of.  I mean, the year was still 2000.  With the long queue at the printing shop, I had to wait for two to three weeks before I was handed my company card. 

The Fargo DTC1000 ID Card System
Photo credit: safecardid.com
Nowadays, a lot of business establishments invest on at least one plastic card printer for convenience.  Who could blame them?  With today’s fast-paced world, card printers are as important as those little useful badge clips.
Badge clips --- I used to have loads of these!
Photo credit: safecardid.com
Back to the future --- if ever I get to operate my own café and restaurant years from now, [wishful thinking… not bad *wink*] I would love a card printer for the office --- only if the price is right!

How about you?  How was your first job?  Do you look back with a smile or regrets in your heart?   Did you take with you a keepsake?  If yes, what was it?

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