Thursday, 29 March 2012

Apps: Giving SimSimi a Try

With all the talk and tattle about the SimSimi App, I decide to finally give it a try to see for myself what the buzz is really about.  Because there is a free iPhone app option for SimSimi, clicking the install button has been so easy.

Here’s my conversation with SimSimi awhile ago:


SimSimi’s having a busy day, huh?  At least he’s going to the Spa at 7.  How I wish that I could join him!

There are 43 languages available [if I counted it right] including English, Swedish, Filipino, Español, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Korean and more.  You have the option to teach SimSimi new messages which is kinda cool actually.  You can also report offensive messages to the support team by clicking on SimSimi’s bubble to report.  Rules state that two users' reports make will make the message disappear.

Want to share your SimSimi conversations to your Facebook and Twitter friends?  Unfortunately, the conversation sharing feature on iPhone isn’t available yet.  I think this feature has already been released to Android users.


To sum it up, SimSimi is a good app for fun.  I don’t find myself getting addicted to it.  With so much to do within the 24 hour per day period, I really do not have the luxury of time to converse with SimSimi as often as others do.  Sometimes would be nice, I think.

How about you?  Have  you tried using the SimSimi mobile app or the computer version?  How often do you chat with him and why?

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