Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Apps: PopCap’s BookWorm for iPhone - Addictive!

BookWorm4With so many available games for iPhone users to install, I consider BookWorm as the most addictive app I’ve tried.  I’ve been BookWorming on my iPhone since August 2009.  So far, my personal record is not that impressive.

When I say addictive, I don’t mean playing the game for hours.  30 to 45 minutes each night before dozing off to sleep has become a ritual.  Connecting those letters to try build longer words while under time pressure [I rarely play the Classic Mode] gives me a little challenge which is definitely good food for the brain.  And no… I do not use the Shake to Scramble feature.

Going back to my not-so-impressive personal record, the highest score for my timed mode [Action] is 1,958, 420 --- only a few more words to reach the 2M goal.  I was almost there then the tile got burned!  Frustrating for sure!

Above: My longest word [Action Mode]: Kittened
Best word [Action Mode]: Tuner for 4,680 points

My game’s paused at the moment at 313,010 points, Level 19.  I’ll add few better words later before hugging my pillow.  I sure hope to reach 2M soon!

How about you?  Do you play BookWorm?  How often?  What’s your highest score at the moment?  What are your best and longest words?


  1. been addicted to this one too in my iPad..hahhah...i also have Temple run and other games..

    1. Not quite an addict yet but this sure is a great game!
      I once played Temple Run and I loved it but I just still can't go so far, I kept on hitting on trees.

  2. I got hooked on the POPCAP version from my teacher friend 2 years ago. I've gotten over 2 million twice- one crash, and one I didn't hit save. Now, on my new computer, as of 10 minutes ago, I'm on level 43 at 4,327,950 points. I also immediately go for the flamers, or try to set them up by the next drop or two for a bigger score, and less chance to get more. I find the game could be much better; safer saves, online scores from other players, and get rid of that ridiculous worm who only gives the definitions to 3rd grade level words. I just went back on to find my scores - and there're no way to get to it. Hall of fame shows a bunch of names with low scores, to boot! and I also find the colored gems aren't always the same values. I just made a 10 letter word, and got a green gem. Several moves later, a word 6-7 letter for 6360 pts., and I get a diamond. I'd gladly pay another 10 bucks for an updated version! When you score big, you're proud of it, and you want it out there!


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