Monday, 26 March 2012


Months ago, I was so disappointed after noticing that almost 3million worth of chips on my Facebook Zynga Poker was hacked. The account was cleanly wiped giving me a huge ZERO balance. Although the chips were generated not from real money but from gifts from friends and the tournaments I won, it still was so frustrating that I stayed away from the game for quite some time.Poker

I just got back playing again a couple of weeks ago after saving some gifted chips. *whew!* So during my idle Zynga Poker days, I watched quite a handful of poker tournaments on telly where I could watch the pros in action, learn a few moves and find techniques.  Although I was only at home watching, I could feel the tension between the players.  There was this certain pro that I disliked a lot.  [Who?  My lips are sealed.]

Assessing my poker skills, I am so weak when it comes to bluffing. is a good place for me to learn about bluffing strategies and perhaps, you too.  If you haven’t been to their website yet, click here for poker insider.  They have good information to ponder on and effective points to think about.  One day, I’ll be able to think like a pro and win big, be it for real cash or simply for fun.

How about you?  Do you play poker?  Do you play for real money or not?  Do you do it online or offline?

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