Saturday, 24 March 2012

Leaving Apple for Nokia or Samsung?

I haven’t given it much thought yet but I guess it’s time for me to finally get myself a new mobile phone deal.  My iPhone is more than two years old and is still fully functional.  No scratches and does not hang.  My contract has ended a year ago and there is a huge possibility of signing up for a new one.  After all, I’ll be graduating from culinary school in May so why not reward myself with something really nice?Nokia Lumia 900

iPhone 4s looks really good but my heart wants to go for the Nokia Lumia 800 phone.  The Nokia Lumia 900 looks great, too but if given the chance, I’ll choose the 800 model, the pink one to be precise.  Price wise, here in Sweden it’s at par with the iPhone 4s.  I haven’t really gone through the specs of Lumia 800 yet.  If it’s as good as the latest iPhone [hopefully even better], that would be brilliant.Samsung i677

Samsung is a decent mobile brand, too.  Many of my friends are using the Samsung i677 and they are happy with the product.  I have no idea about how much it costs but I’ll be Googling about it soon.  I also need to see the specs and a few more details to feed my curiosity.  Funny.  I’ve already searched the internet for Samsung mobile accessories before spending time to know more about the unit.  Cheap cell phone faceplates are always a plus!

So which is which really?  Am I really ready to let go of Apple?  I have until May to seriously think about this.  As of now, I’m gonna enjoy the company of my lovely iPhone 3GS.

How about you?  What mobile phone brand are you using?  If you’re getting a new one, which brand and that model is it gonna be?

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