Saturday, 3 March 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: I Go for Molly. He Cheers for Loreen

melodifestivalenThis year’s Melodifestivalen [The Melody Festival in Sweden] is intensely interesting.  There are really good entries while almost half are so-so.  Anyway, despite all the “huh, really?”, “what?” and the “oh no!” Bebe and I still manage to have our list of faves.

I go for Molly Sandén’s Why Am I Crying.  Her performance is a delight to watch.  The lyrics of the song isn’t top notch but the melody’s really nice.

Bebe’s bet is Loreen’s Euphoria [at least I think so].  I agree.  She’s supercool and her voice is just awesome.

Before I wrap this post up, here are my three other thumbs up performances:

David Lindgren - Shout It Out
Top Cats - Baby Doll
Ulrik Munther - Soldiers

The worst entry?  My lips are zipped.  Clue though --- it’s received a direct pass to the finals. Unbelievable, right?  Some kind of miracle I guess.  *Sigh*

If you’re from Sweden, who’s your bet?  Have a great weekend!


  1. Molly really sings well..

  2. te maxi, by the way, the blog - our love story and agusan del sur info is not mine already..please bear with me, mind taking them down from your blog list??Thank you and sorry sa abala..


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