Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Movies: Our To-Watch List

With so many good movies to watch, it is difficult to go see them all as soon as they get released in cinemas.  With regular class and internship, I really wish that a few more hours were added each day so I could enjoy an extra hour or two to sit down and relax after a tiresome day while watching a good film.  All I do these days is to play catch up whenever I can.  Bebe also has a loaded schedule which is why he oftentimes buys movies on DVD or Blu-Ray to add to our collection and of course to see them with me.

Before placing our DVD and/or Blu-Ray orders online, we make sure that every film is worth our hard earned money.  It is but wise to read a number of film reviews, comments and star ratings first to get some bits and pieces online.   It is also a brilliant idea to go through trailers and videos to make choosing easier.

Our To-Watch List:

1.] John Carter - Some say it is not worth watching, some say it is just okay while many recommend it.  We say, it is better to get our own copy, watch it together and review it ourselves.  Bebe and I might belong to those who have given it a thumbs up.  By the way, there is a John Carter 2 sometime in 2013, right?  Ever heard of it?

John Carter
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2.] This Means War - Hype or not?  Many of my friends have enjoyed watching Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon together on screen.  I have seen the trailer a few times and to tell you honestly, I am not so sure if it is really that excellent.  Got to do some pondering on this one!

This Means War
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3.] Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol -  Yes.  Believe it or not, we still have not found the time to see Ethan Hunt in action once more.  Of course, because Simon Pegg is in it [again], a DVD copy is a must!

Ghost Protocol
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4.] New Year’s Eve - Valentine’s Day and Love Actually --- we will never get tired of seeing these romantic comedy flicks. Then comes New Year’s Eve.  We will not let a copy of this one pass us by!

 New Year's EVe
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5.] True Grit - Although this movie has been released during the first quarter of 2010, we say, it is better late than never!  With good True Grit reviews and impressive ratings on blogs and entertainment websites, we really look forward to check this movie out soon.

True GritPhoto credit:

There goes our movie wish-list!

How about you?  Are you always up-to-date when it comes to movies?  What is the latest film you have seen?  Which movie are you gonna see next?  Do you have a To-Watch List?

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