Sunday, 18 March 2012

Movies: The Truman Show [1998]

TheTrumanShowI was still in college when the movie The Truman Show was released in cinemas.  The first time I saw it, I cried and the second time as well as the third and the fourth times.  The Truman Show never failed to touch my heart and bring me to tears - always.  Oh admit it.  You cried too, didn’t you?

The plot’s interesting.  Truman Burbank [Jim Carrey] works as an insurance clerk who spends his every day in what seems to be a too perfect town called Seahaven Island with a super good wife, lovely neighbors and a flawless daily routine.  One day, something clicks.  He starts getting curious which leads to Truman discovering the entire truth.

Oh.  Which reminds me.  I still haven’t chosen which life insurance company to choose.  How about you?  Have you already made your choice?  Which one?

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