Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Laptop, My Great Companion.

After watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race 20 last night Bebe decided to hit dreamland.  I, on the other hand was waiting for “sleep” to knock me down but it did not come until almost 2AM.  So while waiting to finally doze off, I thought of watching a movie on my laptop while sitting right next to Bebe.

A film saved on the lappy plus a pair of headphones plus a VLC player equals a great companion!  I still haven’t updated my VLC player.  Yayks!  No biggie though.  I’ll have it done anytime within the week.  Finding a vlc player download online is not that difficult, is it?  Better yet, I’ll let my expert Bebe do the upgrading for me.

One more thing, aside from the VLC upgrade, I look forward to getting my laptop a new mouse.


Tumi 'Mini' Wireless Travel Mouse
$75 - nordstrom.com

Target:Fisher-Price Sing and Giggle Minnie Mouse
$23 - target.com

How about you?  Do you watch movies on your laptop?  Need a mouse, too?


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