Friday, 9 March 2012

Shirts This Year. An E-Reader in 2013? Possible!

It is Bebe’s birthday!  Happy birthday my cheesiness!  XOXO

Before the clock struck midnight, I handed Bebe my gift and was so relieved that he liked it --- well, them actually.  I woke up early this morning and headed downtown three hours before my internship in the restaurant started.  I went to a lot of boutiques until I finally decided to get Bebe two casual long sleeve shirts.  One in black and the other in gray.  The size was just right!  Lucky me!Barnes&Noble

I really look forward to buying Bebe something way better than shirts.  While I am not that much into reading, he loves to read … a lot!   On his next birthday, my goal is to get him Barnes and Noble Nook or well, maybe Apple.  To be honest, I am confused.  Like Apple, Barnes and Noble is also receiving positive reviews.    Because I still have 365 days to save and prepare before 9 March 2013 comes, I’ll be doing some research and comparison to finally conclude which is which.  Until then, I am quite sure that upgrades and better versions will pop up soon to even baffle me more.  Hopefully prices won’t be too high!

How about you?  What e-reader do you use?


  1. happy birthday to your Bebe te maxi! :D

  2. I want to buy cherry pad turbo for ebook only


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