Friday, 30 March 2012

Your 2012 Tax Calculator: Is It Good or Bad News For You?

I am truly madly deeply happy!  A mail from the tax office has arrived yesterday before lunch which is why I have this smile from ear to ear while my heart is jumping endlessly for joy.  It has been a good year so far!
I am not really expecting any tax refund because I haven’t started working yet.  As a student, it is one of my privileges to receive a monthly allowance from the government, taxable of course.  Because what I receive every month isn’t that much, it is but logical to think that I will not be getting any tax return or if ever lucky, at least receive a very tiny amount enough for me to buy ten kilos of rice and that’s it.  However, surprise, surprise!  I’ll be getting something really unexpected.  I don’t know.  Could it be because I have been good that is why blessings have been pouring in?  If so, I am so thankful.

Yesterday’s mail from Skatteverket [The Swedish Tax Agency]

Income tax refunds play important roles for every individual.  For some, it covers their travel and vacation expenses especially for the upcoming summer.  Others will use the money for spoiling themselves with gadgets, appliances, furniture and shopping indulgence.  Some people  will save it for the moment while others will use it for paying a number of bills and debt collection offices.  I even know a few immigrant friends who are thinking of paying a certain percent from what they are getting to global international collection agencies as soon as they receive their tax refunds.  Yeah.  Life’s tough, huh?  In my case, I am thinking of saving mine.  It’s my first tax refund experience.  I want keep it untouched for as long as I can.

How about you?  Any idea on now much tax refund you’ll be enjoying months from today?  What are your plans by the time the money reaches your bank account?

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