Friday, 23 March 2012

TV: The Walking Dead: Goodbye Season 2. Hello Season 3.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you are missing a lot especially if you are into zombies [movies, tv shows, books and comics].  The Walking Dead Season 2 finale [episode 13, Beside The Dying Fire] has just been aired a few days ago, 18 March.

The Walking Dead Season2 Episode13
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Just like most of you, it breaks my heart to know that we have to patiently wait until The Walking Dead Season 3 gets released.  Not so long ago, rumors has it that the pilot episode of the series’ third installment is going to be aired during the first week of October 2012 but it seems like it’s not happening that soon.  Hopefully, I’m wrong.  We’ll see.

I am so thrilled to see Rick, Lori and the whole gang back on telly --- well, at least what’s left of it.  I am so sad to see Dale go.  As for Shane, although I don’t like his attitude, I kinda miss his presence.  My oh my.  Oh well.  Just like in real life, we lose some friends and we gain new ones.

By the way, with the appearance of the hooded stranger [who rescued Andrea] with two zombie slaves, it looks like that the upcoming season is going to be darker.  Interesting!

How about you?  Have you seen The Walking Dead?  Have you not missed any episode from Season 1?  Are you excited and looking forward to Season 3?

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