Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gift Ideas: Man Cave Gifts for Your One and Only Guy!

Does your man have a man cave?  It might be located in your basement, garage, an extra bedroom or the attic.  A man cave is your man’s sanctuary within the comfort of your own home.  It’s his mantuary, his manspace.  If your guy maintains such a space, wouldn’t it be nice to help him improve it?  Occasion or no occasion, you’ll surely make his day a lot brighter if you buy him a gift for his man cave.  Here are a few personalized gift ideas for him:

Man Cave Mugs


13 Oz. Set of 4 Personalized Man Cave Mugs - A man cave isn’t complete without beer mugs, is it?

Man Cave Beer Stop Sign


An 18” in diameter Personalized Beer Stop Sign - the sign that says “I own this spot.”

Man Cave Beer Tub


A Galvanized Beer Tub with Stand - This one’s so cool!  Not just for beers.  Beverages such as bubble water, juice, milk and soda --- this tub is a good place for all these. too!

Man Cave Popcorn bown


A Personalized Movie Night Man Cave Popcorn Bowl - If he loves to watch movies and enjoys a company of a bowl of popcorn, then this one’s for him!

Man Cave Wall Signs


Personalized Man Cave Metal Wall Signs - With a number of designs to choose from, there’s definitely at least one that will suit your man’s taste.
Have you found something interesting from my picks?  If  you ask me, the popcorn bowl and the beverage tub are on top of my list.  How about you?

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