Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pets: Custom and Indoor Hutches for Your Pet Bunnies

I love animals.  I love pets.  As of the moment, Bebe and I have two indoor cats [an orange and a black one].  Back home, my brothers and mom have a one-year old Chow Chow and they even feed a few stray cats.  In the near future, I see myself owning at a white furry cat and a male Chow Chow.  Pets are everyone’s best friends, you know?

I can still remember those fun-filled days when my brothers and I together, took care of a couple of rabbits.  One white and one gray.  Oh, I so miss those gorgeous creatures!

Rabbits are cute, adorable, quiet and easy to look after.  Having them at home does not cost a lot.  All they need are vegetables and fruits [carrots, lettuce, cabbage, etc.] , water and of course a bunny hutch.  If by chance you are looking for custom or indoor bunny hutches, take a look at these:

bunny hutch

The Trixie Natura Large Rabbit Hutch and Run

Pet rabbits deserve a home like this.  With loads of space, your pets have enough room to run, stretch and exercise.  It looks cool, too!

bunny hutch2

The LazyBones Delux Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo

This hutch looks lovely, too.  Bunnies would want to live in it, don’t you think?

bunny hutch3

The LazyBones Triple Rabbit Hutch With Ramps

This three-floor hutch will surely make your rabbits run and hop for joy!  A huge home for pets with huge ears!

If given the chance, I would want to again, provide a good home for two rabbits one day soon… hamsters, too if time will allow. 

How about you?  Do you love pets?  Do you take care of one or a number of them?

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