Friday, 20 April 2012

Starting to Get that Summer Feeling?

How is the weather in your corner of the world?  Are you already feeling the sun shining on your cheeks?  Is it beginning to get really warm that you know you will soon be heading to the beach to get some tan?  If you are starting to get that summer feeling, I so envy you.  The weather up here has gotten weird since Sunday.

It rained on Sunday.  It snowed on Monday.  It snowed more on Tuesday.  It was cloudy and very dark on Wednesday.  It rained much yesterday.  Today is really dark and again, it’s raining … a lot.  Bloody weather, it is!  With temperatures playing between 1 to 7°C, the citizens are back to wearing winter jackets.  With the cold breeze blowing, it’s really freaking cold outside at this time of the year.  So odd!

Sometimes I wish that it’s August 2011 once again when Bebe and I are in London, enjoying the sun and the warm weather with Bebe’s best mate Lo and family.  I sure love Lo’s gramma’s garden… a lot!  The greens, the flowers, the tiny but lovely fruit and veggie garden, the bird sanctuary, the trees, the tree house, the bees --- I so miss all these!

Toby the cute pug, Lo and Bebe enjoying summer in London!Patio Umbrella

Anyhoo, despite the present bad weather, summer will reach this part of Sweden hopefully soon.  I can’t wait to take a stroll downtown, see kids enjoying at the park, play minigolf, eat ice cream and fries [weird combo, I know] under the shed of one of the outdoor patio umbrellas along the river, sit on the grass or take my indoor cats for a short walk.  Summer is so much fun so summer, where are you? 

So, how’s the weather out there?  Are you starting to get that summer feeling?

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