Wednesday, 25 April 2012

TV: Breakout Kings

I saw the ad on telly and found two very familiar faces at once [Jimmi Simpson - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Robert Knepper - Prison Break, Heroes].  I watched the first episode with Bebe then got hooked.  Breakout Kings, yeah!

Break Out Kings1Breakout Kings’ pilot episode was released on 6 March 2011 on A&E Network.  With a promising plot, this show is definitely a must-see especially for those who enjoy watching Prison Break and Alcatraz.  It stars Domenick Lombardozzi [Ray Zancanelli], Laz Alonso [Charlie Duchamp] and Brooke Nevin [Julianne Simms] - a team of crime fighters with their own personal issues whose mission is to bring escapees back in custody within 48 hours.  In order to put the cons behind bars as soon as possible, Malcolm Goodwin [Shea Daniels], Jimmi Simpson [Lloyd Lowery] and Serinda Swan [Erica Reed], are chosen to join Ray, Charlie and Julianne.  The twist?  These three are all cons.  Why not?  You’ve seen it before and most of the times, it works… send a con to catch a con!  The reward: with every fugitive they catch shortens their sentence.  That’s minus one month per accomplished mission.  Good deal!

Oh.  If you are curious, Robert Knepper [Prison Break] will appear on Season 1 Episode 3 entitled “The Bag Man”.  Yup.  It’s T-Bag out of prison!  With a very beautiful reason in his head, T-Bag escapes Fox River State Penitentiary, the five maximum-security prison featured on Prison Break to kill those who did his sick mom wrong.  With so much to go through, T-Bag, smart and cunning as always, is able to accomplish his aim and meet  his mom before the Breakout Kings team catches him.  This is so far my favorite episode of the series.  T-Bag’s such a twisted character yet adorable!

Because Breakout Kings Season 1 has been a hit, the pilot of its second installment has been aired on 4 March 2012.  Breakout Kings Season 2 has a total of 10 episodes with a two-hour finale on 29 April. 

How about you?  Do you watch Breakout Kings?  Love it? Hate it?  What’s your favorite episode so far?

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