Sunday, 29 April 2012

TV: The Guild

The GuildAs a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, I have to say that there have been times when I dream of becoming a member of the brainy gang.  Actually, an hour ago, I have just seen the latest episode of the show, “The Stag Convergence” which as usual has given me the real LOL deal.  Anyhoo, so while hanging out at, I’ve come across The Guild.  The show has up to five seasons with a very high star rating of 8.7 out of the possible 10 from more than 3,000 IMDB users.  The show is now included on my list of “to watch”!

The Guild is a comedy web series with its plot focused on Zaboo and Codex, technology geeks who spend most hours of each day playing video games.  They one day meet in person and ta-dah… begins the funny roller coaster adventures of the two.

Even if the show is not about SEO nor blogging, it seems like a lot of my internet genius friends will like The Guild.  With so much discussion and debates going on at the moment regarding web optimization, blog tips and techniques, hosting [from the simplest type to hybrid hosting options] and the recently released Google Penguin, I think The Guild’s YouTube webisodes can help lighten everyone’s moods.

You can watch all The Guild webisodes on YouTube or simply grab seasons 1 to 5 on DVD.  I’ll be checking out season 1 on YouTube and if I find myself getting hooked, I’ll certainly end up ordering the rest online.

How about you?  Have you seen The Guild?  If you have, will you highly recommend it to others?  If not, are you thinking of watching it soon?  On the sidetrack: for bloggers and SEO experts, has Google Penguin been good to you and your blog and/or website?  Any plans on looking deeper into engineered hybrid hosting providers?

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