Saturday, 14 April 2012

TV: Zooey Deschanel is the New Girl

If you love Friends, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory then most likely, you’ll enjoy New Girl.  It stars the cool and gorgeous Zooey Deschanel along with Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone.  While New Girl premieres in the US [Fox Network] on 20 September 2011, here in Sweden, its pilot episode has just been aired yesterday, 13 April which, by the way, is perhaps the best Friday the 13th I’ve had so far.  All thanks to New Girl!

New Girl

New Girl is something one can safely consider as the modern version of the popular tv show Friends.  It’s funny, fresh, brilliant and totally awesome!

New Girl: The Plot:

Jessica “Jess” Day [Deschanel], a teacher who, after finding out face to face that her boyfriend for many years, Spencer [Ian Wolterstorff], has been sleeping with another woman decides to leave and is on the hunt for a new place to stay.  She bumps into a “housemate: wanted” ad, applies and has somehow gotten in.  With her bizarre attitude and unexpected singing moments, Jess turns her housemates into great friends she can rely on.

Meet Jess’ roomates:


Nick Miller [Jake M. Johnson] - after being dumped by the love of life [at least he thought] Caroline [Mary Elizabeth Ellis] six months ago is the gang’s pessimist with a heart.  Nick’s a law school dropout who ends up working as a bartender and is at the moment in search for the love of his life.


Schmidt [Max Greenfield] - is the group’s douchebag.  He is the only male employee in his work place and  thinks of himself as a lady-killer.  He sure does have an eye for Cece [Hannah Simone], a model and is Jess’ best friend.


Winston Bishop [Lamorne Morris] - is Nick’s childhood best friend who leaves the apartment for a couple of years to try his luck in Latvia as a basketball star.  He comes back to join Nick, Schmidt and Jess on the sitcom’s second episode.  He’s cool but is having problems landing on a job.

If episode 1 is still fresh in your memory, you’ll definitely remember Coach [Damon Wayans, Jr.] --- the roommate who has trouble talking to women because of his involuntary voice volume?  Ring a bell?  In episode 2, Coach leaves his roommates and that’s when Winston returns from Latvia.

New Girl: Pilot Episode Trailer:

If you haven’t seen New Girl yet, please do give it a go.  Warning though, you’ll definitely get hooked after watching episode 1!  Yah better watch out!

And yep… New Girl Season 2 is going to be released sometime this fall.  Meaning, more “Jess singing to herself” flashes, more douchebag jar drops and more pleasing, entertaining nights for all of us!

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