Thursday, 12 April 2012

Yoga To Do It!

After coming home from internship a few hours ago, I suddenly felt this leg and foot pain attacking my mood.  I gave my legs and feet a soothing massage while watching an episode of The Breakout Kings [will do a review later].  The massage helped however, it did not eliminate the pain totally.  Sigh.

I guess it is really time for me to give yoga a chance.  I do yoga sometimes but I am planning on doing it everyday.  Most likely if I am doing yoga regularly, I will not be experiencing too much muscle pain.  Half an hour a day might be enough for a beginner like me, right?  During those yoga trials, I have proven that yoga helps me relax, keeps me calm, increases my strength, improves my posture and gives me inner peace.  For more information about yoga, check out online fitness classes that can teach you more about the different types of yoga and the benefits you will get from it.

I still haven’t done some yoga accessory shopping.  Window shopping on the other hand is something I am really good at.  Because I already have a meditation iPhone app, aside from a yoga mat, a ball and a cushion, I also need an instructional yoga DVD for starters.  Gotta check one online!  Fingers crossed, I hope it doesn’t cost a fortune.


My window shopping results:
1.] The Adidas by Stella McCartney Embossed Yoga Mat in pink for €50 at
2.] Danskin Now Pilates Kit for $20 at

How about you?  Are you into yoga?  If yes, since when?  If you’re not, are you planning on trying it one day soon?

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