Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Barnwood Pool Table and Cue Rack

Billiards - I do not play cue sports but I do admire individuals who are brilliant at it and even people who try their best to become good pool players.  At first glance, the game looks dry and boring but if you look harder, you will realize that it is more than just hitting the ball with your cue.  It is a mind game.  If you do not think, plan your next step right, strategize and study your opponent you will definitely go home with a heavy heart.  And have you seen those magical magical moves?  Mind boggling, aren’t they?

It has always been my dream to purchase a pool table for my boyfriend and brothers.  They are not really that good but they enjoy playing it a lot.  If only pool tables do not cost much, I have already purchased one for them a long time ago.

If you are in search for a billiard table with that old rustic finish, then you will definitely find one easily.  A number of barnwood furniture shops sell barnwood pool tables, cue racks and accessories that you might just like.

Barnwood Pool Table

Cue Rack
Barnwood Cue Rack

Aren’t they neat and beautiful?  You want to bring them home, don’t you?

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