Saturday, 12 May 2012

Life is Like a TV Show

I have once spent a couple of months as a pharmacy intern in a drug manufacturing company where my everyday has been spent mixing concoctions, performing quality control and doing research where I have encountered for the first time laboratory moisture analyzers, state-of-the-art microscopes and other huge lab instruments.

Thinking back, being stationed inside the companies laboratory made me feel like I was in a crime lab show such as CSI or a medical drama series like House M.D. or Grey’s Anatomy.  The experiments, the merging of chemicals, those tiny explosions and the deadlines --- oh yeah, I miss those stressful lab days.

Those days have been over years ago.  Now, my days are spent in huge kitchens which is not really that different when compared to those lab days.  As a chef, instead of mixing chemicals, I now mix ingredients to produce and serve good food to guests.  Just like in laboratories, quality control in the kitchen is still highly observed and I continuously do research and experiments on recipes.

Kitchen instruments?  We have huge ones, too!  Walk-in vegetable refrigerators and freezers, massive ovens and stoves and more.  The kitchen is for sure a stressful workplace and I love it!

If you think about it, life is like a tv show.  Now, I am experiencing the pressure as a MasterChef competitor and as one of Chef Ramsay’s chefs in Hell’s Kitchen [though my workplace isn’t that hellish actually]… kinda cool in many ways.
Photo credit: MasterChef US
How about you?  Do you feel like your life is like a particular series on telly?  If yes, which one?

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