Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rock Climbing Adventures in Austin, Texas

I have never tried sport climbing myself but have always dreamed of giving it a go one day.  It does scare me to bits whenever I think about the idea but it sure looks fun and I want to be a part of it somehow. 

If rock climbing is one of your favorite pastimes, then you will definitely want to try it in Austin.  I want to visit Austin one day and if given the chance, I want to go rock climbing there at the same time.  I am looking into beginner courses right now and man… I want to try it now!  Thrilled and excited --- that is how I am feeling, no doubt!  With awesome trails, beautiful scenic views and changing routes, rock climbing in Austin is truly a fascinating experience for both pros and starters of all ages.

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Aside from looking into the possibility of having a rock climbing adventure in Texas, I am also reading recommendations on where to stay when in Austin.  Condos in Austin look fabulous and cozy.  I have heard of condo units for rent but have not stumbled upon one yet.  I am very curious about the price depending on the length of stay so hopefully, Google can feed me some answers.

Condos Austin TX --- Choose from a wide variety of designs and floor plans to suit your budget.

How about you?  Have you ever been to Austin?  Have you rock climbed?  How was the experience?  Any rock climbing tips for beginners?  Have you rented a condo in Austin while there or stayed in a hotel instead?

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