Thursday, 17 May 2012

TV: White Van Man: Season 2 and The Family Tools

The Ollie-Darren tandem has returned for White Van Man’s Season 2.  Its first episode “Charity” was aired on 23 February.  Season two has a total of six episodes for fans to enjoy.  If you have not seen season one yet, make sure you find the time to do so.  This sitcom is totally cool and hilarious and have I mentioned painfully embarrassing?

White van man is actually the term that mostly describes self-employed individuals in the United Kingdom who drives light white commercial vehicles carrying their carpentry and plumbing business to every customer’s home.  Handymen and their handy vans.  Pretty handy, huh?

White Van Man
Photo credit: BBC UK

White van handymen Ollie [Will Mellor] and Darren [Joel Fry] unfortunately do not cater to residents in the US.  But if you are residing, let us say for example in California, you can easily give Temecula plumbers a call when encountering issues such leaky pipes, toilet and faucet repairs, sewer line restoration, water heater adjustments and more.  Most Temecula plumbing offices offer clients a round the clock emergency service for your convenience.  Unlike lazy Darren of White Van Man, certified and trusted plumbers will come to your rescue ASAP.

Unfortunately, there will be no White Van Man Season 3 [*pout*].  However, an American version of the sitcom is going to be released hopefully before 2012 ends.  It is going to be produced by ABC Studios together with ITV Studios America and is going to be called The Family Tools.  The Family Tools will star Kyle Bornheimer [Blades of Glory, Worst Week], J.K. Simmons [Oz, Spider-Man], Leah Remini [The King of Queens] and more.

The Family Tools
Photo credit: ABC

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