Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Blogger iPhone App

So I became to psyched to upgrade my iPhone 3GS’s software to iOS 5 yesterday before dinner.  With very simple instructions to follow, I still managed to mess up everything.  Right after the process, I noticed that my phone book turned out empty, the photos were all gone and the apps got all deleted.  I got quite frustrated but then again, I thought there was no use for me to cry over spilled milk.  Instead of being sad, I started building my contact list and searching for useful apps at once.

First on the list, the Blogger App for iPhone.  Although updating blogs on a mobile device isn’t really that comfortable, it is still good to have the option to blog-on-the-go if one wants to and since installing it is free, that’s a huge plus!  I have been blogging since 2007 and now have five blogs to take care of.  It sounds tedious but it’s worth it.  It’s cool to earn something on the side, you know.  Making money from blogs is popular these days.  I know a handful of friends who consider blogging as their business.  Not yet that type though which can look for, compare and apply for business insurance online quotes but maybe a few years from now.  You’ll never know!

Anyway, back to the Blogger iPhone App --- it’s not at all complicated and has really handy features.  One can easily switch to different Blogger accounts.  Publishing new entries is quicker than ever.  Add photos, location info and labels to posts.  Negative points --- can’t add movie clips, can’t format entries and comments can’t be viewed.  Hopefully, Google, Inc. will update the Blogger iPhone App with more publishing options.  I can’t wait for that day to arrive!

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