Friday, 22 June 2012

Games: Our PS3 Bullets. A Quick Note

It’s past eleven in the evening and I feel like turning the Playstation on and play Virtual Tennis.  I suck at it but I enjoy the game a lot.  Perhaps it’s mostly because I am a frustrated tennis player and playing pretend, although I know that it sounds so ridiculous, somehow allows me to live that dream even for a short while.  The best part is, I usually play against my favorite person in the world - Bebe.  Who wins?  Hmmm… 99% of the time, he does.

Out favorite PS3 games:

Moving on… because I am an action movie freak, Call Of Duty for Playstation kinda interests me.  Quite a few recommends  Gears of War 3 but because it’s designed for Xbox 360, it would be unwise to shop for one.  If ever, I will be sticking to getting a Call of Duty PS3 bullet or wait! … Max Payne 3 sounds super cool, too!

I am also thinking of getting a couple more RockBand for PS3 games.  I only have three and I can hardly wait to get two new RockBand babies.  I wonder how much each costs nowadays.

How about you?  Do you have a PS3 or an XBox 360 at home?  Which games do you play the most?

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