Friday, 1 June 2012

Marlon Stöckinger Raced His Way To First Place In The 2012 GP3 Series in Monaco

For me, Facebook does not only give me the chance to connect with my long lost friends and new found ones.  With millions of members, Facebook also updates you with what’s new and what’s going on around the globe.  All thanks to Facebook Like and Share buttons.

Speaking of Facebook’s sharing options, earlier today I glanced upon a friend’s update on his timeline about the latest success of Marlon Stöckinger.

Stöckinger, a 21-year old Filipino-Swiss race car driver makes it to the news [again] after racing his way to first place in the 2012 Grand Prix 3 Series in Monaco on 26 May.

On the photo below: During the awarding ceremony --- Marlon Stöckinger standing proud and happy in his white and black racing overalls with his trophy [the latest to his collection of sport trophies] as the Philippine flag was being raised and the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” was being played.  [Photo credit: Marlon Stöckinger Facebook Fan Page]

Marlon Stöckinger, proud of his race.  The helmet says it all.

Photo credit: Daniel Kalisz/GP3 Media Service

Congratulations Marlon Stöckinger for the big win and good luck on your next race!  Way to go Philippines!

How about you?  Have you heard the news about his win?  How and when?

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