Thursday, 14 June 2012

Picnic And Mini Golf - Because It’s Summer!

For two weeks now, I try to convince myself that summer is officially here.  However, with the very moody weather [rain, cold wind and all] I have already put a number of summer activities on hold.  Forecasts say that next week is going to be sunny and bright and if they’re right then it’s time for Bebe and I to enjoy the upcoming warm days.  So far, a picnic in the park and a mini golf date are what we have in mind.  So relaxing and so fun without the need of spending too much.

Picnic July 2008.  One very sunny day!

August 2007.  Mini golf downtown.

Because we are about to spend long hours under the sun, I will be making sure that my hair and skin get the care and nourishment they need.  Brittle hair and dry skin is a big NO NO for me.  A visit to the drugstore is something that I am planning to do tomorrow, if not then sometime during the weekend it is.  I’ll be hunting for good hair and skin care products that are perfect for the summer season.  I’ve read about the benefits one can get from organic Argan oil so I am thinking of doing my own research about it to feed my curiosity.  If everything looks good, then an Argan oil purchase over the internet will take place within the week or the next.

Me and my iron-free black hair.  I do not go to salons for hair treatment.  I even cut my own hair!  A good shampoo, a trusted brand of conditioner and a few drops of vitamin E oil massaged unto my hair at least twice a month are enough to make my it shine!  It’s not that super straight but I like how it flows naturally and the small curls at the edges, I find them pretty.

How about you?  What are your summer activities?  What are your routines to keep your hair and skin damage free from the sun’s UV rays?

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