Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TV: Gold Rush: Alaska

While taking a short break from blogging, I turned on the telly and there it was, Gold Rush: Alaska on its second season.  Tired and stressed, I decided to stay tuned until the episode ends.  Although not really a fanatic of this reality drama, I must say that I found the show somehow entertaining as much intriguing.

Gold Rush: Alaska follows the lives of gold miners in search for financial freedom that is buried way underground.  With strong spirits, they risk everything to mine for their dreams.

Gold Rush: Alaska teaches a few life lessons.  First, things do not usually go the way we planned them to be and second, without guts, expect no glory.

Photo credit: Wikipedia.org

Sometimes I wonder, with the huge amount of money they invest, how to these miners deal with failure?  When they get injured, how do they receive their structured settlement payments?  When they win big, how do these guys spend their money?

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