Thursday, 26 July 2012

Story Game iPhone Apps by TeamLava

My iPhone has a 32GB memory but unlike others, I am not that into installing apps.  My phone was bought online in September of 2009.  Believe it or not, my mobile device has only 28 apps installed plus the apps that originally come with the purchase.   Included on those 28 are the games Bakery Story and Restaurant Story by TeamLava.  As a chef and a cake decorator, I need not explain why I enjoy playing both, do I?

Embarrassed to admit, I hadn’t have much time to update and complete challenges for two weeks now.  You bet.  Baking and cooking inside a huge real kitchen everyday are way better than performing them on online simulation programs.  *wink*  Yes.  If you still do not know it yet… I am a chef by profession.

Bakery Story

Cooking NOT in this kitchen.  Not for awhile.

Restaurant Story


Rotten food and very angry customers.  Ooops!


Bakery Story and Restaurant Story are two cool iPhone apps with easy to comprehend rules and cute graphic details.  I do love these games but I do not see myself playing them religiously.

How about you?  Do you run your very own make believe bakery and restaurant right through your mobile device?  If you do, which games are they?  Do you play them all the time?

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