Tuesday, 24 July 2012

TV: LA Ink And A Few Tattoo Thoughts

Every now and then, I get to stumble upon reruns of one of TLC’s reality tv shows, LA Ink.  Even if I am not a very huge fan of the program, I find it cool to see Kat Von D and her gang of artists’ masterpieces inked on human skin.  With four seasons released [2007 to 2011], I have seen a number of fantastic tattoos done on the show.  I am sure you have, too.

Kat’s love for tattoos is very obvious.  Aside from the fact that her whole body is inked, after realizing that she could start her own shop, she left Miami Ink and started on running her tattoo studio in Los Angeles with some of her trusted friends in the industry.  No doubt, Kat even became more popular in this spin off show.  People visit High Voltage Tattoo [Kat’s shop], to meet the famous Kat, present their tattoo ideas and have their schedules booked.  Nothing new but seeing the amazing results takes my breath away.

On the photo: Kat Von D and her body tattoos
Collage credit: Polyvore

After going through a number of episodes, I have to say that Kat is at her best when it comes to creating portrait tattoos.  It does not matter if it’s colored or in black and white.  The outcome is always expressively striking.  This woman is definitely oozing with talent.

Speaking of portrait tattoos, did you know that Kat has a tattoo of Carmen Miranda on the back of her neck?  Miranda is the one responsible in making platform shoes popular and well --- Kat loves them so ta-dah!  Kat has her portrait on her skin!

Aside from portrait tattoos, a lot of customers visit the shop to also get ceremonial, cultural, memorial, movie tattoos and more.  These people have a strong sense of identity and getting inked is one of the ways to show their individuality.  Self expression, as they say.

Tattoos are not just drawings on the skin.  Each piece carries a meaning, deep or maybe not too deep.  But one thing’s for sure, real tattoo lovers do not get one for the sake of simply getting one.  They think hard before signing for the procedure.  They put time to choose their designs and ponder a lot on how they want their inks to be done.  Oh yeah.  It’s no joke.

How about you?  Do you have a tattoo?  If yes, what is the meaning behind it?  If no, are you thinking of getting one one day?

By the way, if you want to know my stand on tattoos, I say, I do not want to get one but I respect those who proudly wear them.

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