Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cool Earphones. Want One?

After searching the entire apartment one night for my iPhone’s earphone, placing an order online for a new one did not come as a difficult decision to make.  While enjoying my lunch yesterday, I was also checking several online tech shops.  I stumbled upon a number of cool pieces, as expected, with prices ranging from affordable to super price tags.


1.] Marvel Universe Spider-Man Rubber Earbuds --- If you are a huge Spider-Man fan, this pair of earbuds is for you!  Now, you can take the red man in a spider suit wherever you go.  Get this for $14.00 at

2.] iLuv Sweet Cotton Headphones ---- Oh.  I so love the relaxing mint green color and its lightweight design.  If you want to get this headphone with soft padded ear pads, you can check every now and then to see if it’s already in stock.  [Not available at the moment.  Ouch!]  Price: £30.00.

3.] Beats by Dr. Dre ‘Tour’ In-Ear Control/Talk Headphones --- If you have a big friendly wallet, then you’ll definitely find this affordable.  It’s $150.00 a pop!  Oh my.  Website:

4.] Kid’s Hello Kitty Sparkling Earbuds --- Love Sanrio’s Hello Kitty so much?  These earbuds are only available for $13.65 [from $19.50] at

5.] Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Pink Over Ear Headphone from Monster --- One thing’s for sure… if it’s by Dr. Dre, it must be expensive.  It’s $265.00 [from $349.95] at!

6.] Monster Diesel Vektr On-Ear Headphones With Control Talk --- It does look fantastic, yeah?  But wait!  Do you want to know how much each costs?  £219.99 [yes… not $!].  Want to know know the product more?  Visit to find out more.

If you were to pick, which one will you get for yourself?  I really like the iLuv Sweet Cotton Earphones.  Unfortunately, it’s out of stock at the moment so we’ll see!

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