Friday, 10 August 2012

Games: Zynga’s ChefVille Finally Released!

06 August 2012 – Finally, the long wait is over.  After Zynga announced its up and coming restaurant/cooking Facebook game a month ago, thousands got too excited and waiting was kinda painful.  Believe me.  I was one of those thousands and waiting hurts.  *wink*

When the game was ready and out, I tried the game at once with much enthusiasm and expectation.  Because it was the first day, glitches and issues were piled up.  Adding neighbors and helping out friends were nightmares.  A number of times, one must refresh the game to continue playing.  Even the forum was not on the mood to show its players some answers.  The first two days caused many headaches.  Despite the problems, gamers kept on playing and the number of fans grew.

[When Zynga released the game, I saw the invite at once and I was “LIKER” number 4!  I was that quick, yeah!]

Below: My ChefVille character:

The basic ChefVille Restaurant… the sweet beginning:

Four days have gone by and I am still on level 11 with so much tasks left undone.  Honestly, the game is wearing me down.  It needs so much time and attention to go up one level.  Although the game is interesting, just like CityVille, I might not be able to play this game in the long run religiously like others do.  It’s a shame but well, that’s how games are.  What works for you might not work for me.

Anyway, I love the game… I just do not have enough time to keep the ball rolling!

How about you?  Have you tried playing ChefVille?  If yes, do you like it, love it or not really?

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