Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hobby: Singing It Is!

Singing is one of my favorite pastimes.  I am not good at it but I can quite sing.  I own a traveling karaoke machine which Bebe has purchased for me in the Philippines in July of 2009.  It’s a few years old and I am looking forward to buying a couple of chips with fresher songs in them.  I sure love old songs but updates are good, too.  Bebe tries to Google for karaoke chips every now and then but he hasn’t found one that has gotten my attention… yet.

Aside from singing songs courtesy of my karaoke machine, I also sign up for free online karaoke sites.   Because it records your every activity, I find it cool to listen to my voice after each recording.  I only use my laptop/desktop headset with mic when singing and recording songs.  If given the chance, I would definitely want to get one of those USB microphones.  The Source website has two which look interesting.  It’s a good thing that the site has this The Source eFlyer feature where one can easily find items on discount that are available at the moment.  I sure hope to see that USB mic on their online Flyer pages soon!  When that happens, I’ll be jumping for joy!

How about you?  Do you enjoy singing?  Do you have a karaoke machine at home?  Do you sign up for free online karaoke websites?  Do you own a USB microphone?

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