Friday, 10 August 2012 – Feels Like Home

Living on the other end of the world, away from my family and friends makes me miss home everyday.  Staying online for a few minutes up to an hour or two to voice and video chat with my family keeps me strong, inside-out.

Technology definitely makes the world a smaller place.  It connects people all over the world.  It does magic for sure.

Aside from the regular family online chats, I also try to Pinoy radio over the internet to listen to Filipino music.  When I have more time, I visit to watch Filipino tv shows and movies.  Because it’s for free and there’s no need to subscribe nor sign up for anything, getting around the website is really easy.  In most days, I use the desktop when watching Filipino tv and movies over the internet.  It has a powerful speaker which I like a lot.  I am looking forward to purchasing a new compact speaker for my laptop so I can also watch when inside the bedroom.  The volume of my lappy’s built-in speaker is not that loud and it’s irritating, if you know what I mean.

I also have these long lists of Music Videos on YouTube.  I have them on my playlist page so whenever I am attending to any household chore, I continuously play one of them.  Music lifts my mood.  A compact speaker is definitely going on top of my shopping wish list!

How about you?  Do you watch a lot of tv shows, movies and listen to music over the internet?

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