Friday, 10 August 2012

Summer 2012 Activities: Postponed Till Next Summer

There are only a few more weeks before summer finally runs out.  Unfortunately, rain keeps on pouring on us.  The sun is perhaps taking its summer vacation, too or is he not?  If lucky, the remaining weeks will be sunny and bright.  Unfortunately, weather forecasts are not promising anything positive as of the moment.

If days won’t go any better soon, all that we can do for now is to wait for summer next year.  Fingers crossed, it’s going to be warm, just like a real summer should be.  We can go out on the beach, get some tan, go on a picnic, take a long stroll downtown, play mini golf and grill outdoors.

One very sunny summer of 2012.  Mini golf as its best with the family!

Because we haven’t been outdoors this summer for a simple picnic nor a grilling night, were hoping that summer 2013 will make up for it.  More sunny days, please oh please?

On the photo below: a Saber ss 670 infrared grill - perfect for those outdoor grilling days with family and friends.

How about you?  How has summer been on your end of the world?  Is it very sunny or has it been raining, too?

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