Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Metal Sculptures that Remind Me of Home

Because the Sweden summer this year has rained away, Bebe and I keep on talking about next vacation in the Philippines.  Fingers crossed, we will be flying there in July or August of next year and stay there for three or four months depending on our work schedules.  We can hardly wait to experience a really refreshing and warm summer.  As early as last night, we can’t stop talking about where to go, what to do and what to eat when there.  Yup.  That’s excitement overload!

Of course, not to forget our home garden plan for mom.  She wants to have a beautiful relaxing lanai and I will make sure she gets it.  Her garden will have pretty hanging plants, her favorite orchids, a number of wrought iron wall decors, s patio dining set with umbrella and a koi pond to start the list with.  It’s going to be a perfect getaway for mom!

The last time I flew to the Philippines was in March of 2010.  Two years have passed and I so miss home.  Aside from watching Filipino movies and tv shows online, I also listen to OPM [Original Pinoy Music] and Google for anything that reminds me of my homeland --- basically anything to shorten the distance.  These beautifully crafted tropical metal arts so look familiar and make me remember of home:

The Tiki Hut Tropical Resort Metal Wall Sculpture

Selling Price: From $149.97 to $79.97

The tiki hut looks like any nipa house surrounding most beach resorts in the Philippines and are also homes to most farmers.

The Coconut Palm Tree Sunset Metal Wall, Set of 6

Selling price:
From $679.97 to only $379.97

I have been living here in Sweden since July of 2007 and have never seen a coconut palm tree, not even one.  In the Philippines, the coconut tree is everywhere, in the suburbs and even in the metropolitan area.  We refer to it as the tree of life simply because of the countless products and bi-products we get from it.  Just the sight of one coconut tree, right here, right now can definitely blow my grey clouds away.

How about you?  If you are an immigrant, when was the last time you flew home to be with your family?  What do you usually do to bridge the gap?

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