Thursday, 13 September 2012

Movies: Super Eruption [2011]

Although it only received a very low 3.7 star rating at, I still spent time to watch the movie Super Eruption out of curiosity and well, because I was so in the mood that day to see a Sci-Fi film.

Super Eruption stars Richard Burgi [The Sentinel, Days of Our Lives,Cellular, 24] as Charlie Young, a forest ranger at Yellowstone National Park who works with Kate [played by Juliet Aubrey] a scientist studying caldera that composes Yellowstone.  Within the next two days, the largest volcano there is, is about to erupt sending the entire humanity to possible extinction.  With the help of time travel, Charlie and Kate find a way to stop the disaster from happening.

Super Eruption is definitely not that good but to be honest, it’s not that bad either.  I have seen a number of really awful movies for tv from Syfy but this one’s somehow watchable.  I even kinda like the tower which serves as Kate’s workstation.  It’s cool to have it built in that spot overlooking the lovely vast scenery of the park.  With high tech gadgets, expensive data recording devices, heating and cooling system, cables, metal cases and braces plus all the tiny hydraulic power workholding and clamps,  that watchtower sure looks fantastic.

How about you?  Have you seen Super Eruption?  If yes, did you hate it to the max or did you find it okay somehow?  If you still haven’t, are you thinking of checking it out one day?

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