Sunday, 21 October 2012

Movies: The Postman [1997]

I was still in second year college when the film The Postman was released on cinemas.  I did not have the chance to watch it at the cinema but my mom got a Video CD of it by the time copies were released in video houses and malls.  She is a huge Kevin Costner fan!  With very good reviews and Costner playing the lead role, my mom made sure that she wouldn’t miss it.

My mom quite forced us to see the movie with her and we [me and my brothers] were glad she did.  The Postman is listed in my favorite movies for life list.  I have seen it more than ten times and it seems like I don’t get tired watching it.  Oh come on.  Admit it.  You’ve also seen it over and over again, haven’t you?

What’s cool about this film is that it is set in a post-apocalyptic America.  According to the storyline, 2013 to be exact which is only barely three months from today.  I bet.  You haven’t put so much thought about it but what if civilization really gets destroyed.  No more electricity, no more internet, no more advanced mode of transportation, no more e-communication and no more postal service!  If that ever happens [hope not] no more shopping over the internet.  Goodbye e-carts, online orders, shipping labels and stamps.  Sad, huh?

How about you?  Have you seen the movie The Postman?  If yes, how many times?  If you haven’t yet, will you be watching it one day?

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